Divided and connected by mountain ridges. Exchange of inspiration and knowledge on the line between Prague and Krakow

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Jan Chodějovský
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The project focuses on the phenomenon of scientific exchange among generations of scientists who significantly influenced scientific research in their fields before and after World War II. Specifically, on the example of communication between Polish and Czech geologists and botanists, who were among the main drivers of the project of national parks on the common Czechoslovak-Polish border. Here we would like to show the potential for the transfer of ideas and experience in this area, as the Polish side was further in the implementation of national parks and Czech colleagues could gain valuable information for their own work. At the same time, it is an intermediate stage between previous Polish-Czech interwar contacts and cooperation continuing in the period of the ČSAV and the PAN. It is possible to document the transfer of ideas and information on the example of appointing Poles or Czechs as foreign members of Czechoslovak or Polish scientific institutions, as well as on the topic of congresses and conferences where they met.