Commercial filing service

Due to the long-term and increasingly intensive process of electronicisation of public administration, the area of the file service has emerged as one of the key pillars of eGovernment, whose main task is to ensure transparent, trustworthy, efficient and orderly administration. The file service, or document management, has thus turned into a distinct, dynamic and multidisciplinary field, whose erudite knowledge is in demand not only in the sphere of public administration, but also in the private sector.

The Masaryk Institute and the Archives of the CAS offer the following services in the field of commercial records management:

Expert assistance with the implementation of the filing service in the organization

If you do not know how to manage your office properly in the age of eGovernment and how to optimize your filing service, we offer trained experts to help you manage and streamline the situation. We will advise you on how to manage the filing service in accordance with the applicable legislation; how to create legally valid electronic documents; how to properly register, systematize and store documents in the filing room; how to carry out electronic and analogue shredding procedures and how to transfer documents to the relevant archive. Proper performance of the filing service will ensure greater efficiency in the administration of the office and protect the institution not only from potential financial loss but also from possible legal action.

Training in the area of file management

The current era places ever greater demands on professional document management. That is why we offer professional training courses focusing on:

  • The current legislative and methodological framework in the field of filing services and archiving
  • Ensuring the correct operation of the filing service with an emphasis on ensuring the legal validity of electronic documents (receipt, registration, distribution, handling, signing, approval, storage in the filing room, shredding procedures, archiving of analogue and electronic documents)
  • Creation of filing and shredding rules and plans
  • Linking the electronic filing system with the organisation's other internal information systems
  • Electronic communication of the organisation with external entities (data boxes, information systems of public authorities, input of information into web forms and applications)
  • Shredding procedures (analogue and electronic)
  • Digital archiving

The trainings (both in full-time and hybrid form) are intended for state and local government employees, archiving and library professionals, as well as for employees in the private sector and other interested parties.