Symbols of Science 1945–1970

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Věra Dvořáčková
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By symbol of science we mean an expression/notion which relates to the subject of extra-linguistic reality relating to academic work. The increasing importance of the role of technical and natural disciplines after 1945 was, besides others, linked to the fact that their sphere of application expanded to cover all areas of life in society and made its way into everyday routines. Individual scientific results, artefacts and manifestations, or their manifestations in language, that were in mass use became understood as never before as representatives, symbols of science and research, and, to a considerable degree, in turn influenced the position of science in post-war socialist Czechoslovakia and predetermined their real impact on society. The objective of this project is to survey the use of selected expressions/notions in the public sphere and in academia, and to characterise, with respect to the given historical context, their symbolic value and validity, and their relation to the ideology of the period.