The history of nutrition and food in Czech lands, 1945–1970

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Martin Franc
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The project investigates the issues of food and nutrition in the Czech lands in 1945–1970 from different angles, accenting food as an important cultural phenomenon that gives a versatile picture of contemporary society. Emphasis is put in particular on the role of food in expressing the social status of individuals and in expressing cultural and social attitudes through food. Attention is also paid to the establishment and functioning of public discourse on food and nutrition, especially the position of physicians and physiologists in the discourse and their interaction with other actors. The sphere of domestic and public catering will also be included and the whole chain of food production and distribution will be reflected, including the importance and impacts of functioning of agriculture (self-supply including), the food industry and trade. Food in cities and in the countryside will be examined, taking into account regional peculiarities and covering the nutrition of all social groups. All the issues will be set in the context of the overall economic and political development.