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Protection of photographic archival material

The Masaryk Institute and Archives of the CAS manages, among other things, extensive photographic collections and smaller collections of photographic archival material stored individually in archival fonds. These materials are susceptible to specific types of damage and therefore require special storage methods. The method of archival description, handling and access to photographs is also specific. Some of the photographic archival material stored at the MIA CAS was damaged by a flood in 2002 and subsequently treated for restoration. However, with the passage of several years, these materials are in need of a professional restoration survey, which will reveal whether this sensitive archival material is being degraded despite the professional interventions and storage in a stabilised environment. This circumstance has also contributed to the fact that the department is devoting more space to mutual cooperation between archivists and restorers with regard to these damaged archives. With the help of individual projects, it is gradually optimising the professional care of photographic materials and ensuring professional digitisation and subsequent accessibility for the general research public.

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